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What is the lowest Junk Removal Cost?

Junk Removal Cost is a big point of concern for alot of people. Whether it is for customer calling about just a single mattress or somone wanting to get rid of alot more junk. The first thing that usually comes to mind is "How can I dump/throw away these items and save money" or "What is Junk Removal Cost" and I don't blame you, we are all guilty of wanting to pay the least amount we can for a product or service. Hey, why would I pay $100.00 when I can pay $60.00, I get that. In an effort to help eyeing customers choose the best choice for removing their unwanted items, below I will outline the different methods of removing your items from your property with the positives and negatives for each.


The first and easiest way to get rid of your unwanted belonging would be your weekly trash company. There are alot of benifets to using your at home trash cans.

  • Comes every week

  • Don't have to pay extra for disposal

  • Dont have to go far for disposal

  • Doesn't cost anything extra

While these points are true, there is no extra cost for using your own trash containers and there is no extra extra travel or hauling needed since they are already with you at your residence. Those are some pretty solid points but lets look at the negatives.

  • Only comes once a week (Have to see the unwanted items until next pickup)

  • Doesn't take large items (Must fit inside the trash can)

  • Takes up room inside your regular weekly trash can (Can make thowing away regular trash difficult)

  • Can be time concusing breaking down items to fit. (Some items are to large or strong to break down efficiently)

  • You have to many items and will take to long to get rid of everything. (Might take multiple weeks to remove all unwanted items)

While it is true is some cases you can use your weekly trash company, what seems like the simplest solution can often lead to more troubles. Let take a look at a few more options for seeing your junk removed.


There are alot of items the often get thrown out or removed from a property that doesnt make sense to try and do it with your weekly trash can. Items might be to big to be able to be broken down easily or maybe you have to much and waiting every week would take way to long. The next best solution is to handle the hauling your self. Lets take a look at some positives and negatives again.

  • Allows for larger load to be disposed

  • Second most affordable option

  • Gets rid of unwanted items fast

Being able to throw away a larger amount of junk or debris at a time is a big plus. However like with using your weekly trash can, there are some draw backs as well.

  • Need a large enough vehicle to transport everything (Need a truck or suv to avoid multiple trips)

  • Should probably be 4x4 (Every week I see trucks, suvs and cars that get stuck)

  • Have to take time to drive (How are are you from your nearest disposal site)

  • Have to take time to load and unload (Once you load it, only way out is to unload it)

  • You run the risk of getting 1 or multiple nails (My last flat tire on the trailer had 4 nails in it. I change 3-4 tires a month due to nails)

  • Could be a long wait (Could be in and out or could be waiting for what seems like no reason at all)

  • It can be extremly muddy or smelly (Ive stepped out into gross landfill mud so deep it swallowed my foot to the ankle. And when it really smells in the heat it can be stomach turning)

Alot of people manage to get rid of their junk themselves. It's not only home owners trying to get rid of their own items that have issues, I see many company trucks as well as my own that has the occasional issue. A simple solution may lead to a difficult or headache indusing problem.


When the previous two options either don't work or are not worth the time/energy to complete, Junk Removal is the best option. There are still positives and negatives but usually the positives outweigh the negatives be a large amount making it by far the best choice.

  • You don't have to move anything (It could be large, heavy or difficult to move)

  • No risk of getting hurt (Trying to take a job on thats to large could lead to bodily injury)

  • You don't have to haul anything (Save the time spent going to landfill and waiting/unloading)

  • NO FLAT TIRES (Nails are the bane of my existance)

  • No Dirt or Mud (Its near impossible to go to the landfill and not be covered in mud and dirt)

  • Your items are removed quickly by professionals (We remove simular items every day giving us the experience to do it quickly and proficently)

  • Licensed and Insured (We are covered in case anything happens during the removal of your items from your property)

While those are all very positive pluses, I would be dishonest if I didnt speak on the negatives as well.

  • Need to schedule pick up

  • Costs more than self disposal

Seems like I could be keeping information out but that really is the end of the negatives. While we usually have same day pick avaliable, you may need to wait for your selected time for pick up. The cost is a little more than it would be if you did it your self but the time/energy saved paired with the zero risk to body/vehicle makes them minor compared to the positives.


The final method of disposal is a dumpster rental. Having a dumpster brought to your location is the middle ground between hauling it yourself and saving on cost. With a dumpster rental you get the most value for your disposal. Our brother company VARELA DUMPSTER SERVICES offers fast dumpster rentals. Have a dumpster brought to your property and place as many items as possible until it is full or your cleaning is done.

  • Dumpster brought to you (Bring the landfiill to you)

  • Easy to load large amounts (easily fits large couches and refrigerators)

  • Flat rate pricing (Flat rate pricing for each container)

  • No hualing (Again no time spent hauling or risk to vehicle)

To learn more about dumpster rentals or to contact us and schedule your rental today. Check out


There are many ways to remove unwanted items from your property. Some do require more time, effort or cost, depending on which matters to you the most. Cleaning out junk or removing items is the first step towards enjoying your personal area more.

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