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Nice Hot Tub Junk Removal

Hot Tub Removal

#1 go to for Hot Tub Removal in Corona CA. Few things are more relaxing than kicking back and relaxing in a Hot Tub. The same is true when it comes time to have a Hot Tub replaced, few things can be more annoying or time consuming than trying to cut up or remove a Hot Tub. Instead of spending your weekend cutting up, removing and disposing of all the debris. Stick to enjoying your time off rather than

How We Remove Your Hot Tub

Unplug Power Junk Removal

Disconnect the Power

When ever you deal with electricity, it is important to disconnect the power completely so you do not short or shock your self.

Hot Tub Junk Removal Demolition


Once the water is removed, depending on space available starting to break down the unit. Depending on location cutting apart the Hot Tub may be necessary to safely remove.

Hot Tub Water Drain

Drain Water

Before starting to break down your Hot Tub, the water needs to be removed. Properly draining the water will make the work area easier and prevent damage to your property.

Sweeping Construction Debris

Remove Debris

Once Hot Tub has been disassembled, carefully removing the debris. With more Hot Tubs removal is a 2 person job.

Junk Removal

Clear Area

While water drains, Clearing out the area to have a proper access to the Hot Tub. Being able to freely move and carry pieces out makes the Hot Tub removal easier.

Corona Junk Removal Full Load


After everything is loaded and off your property, it still needs to be disposed of. We make every effort to recycle anything that can stay out of landfill.

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